What Does HMU Mean? -Another Kind Of Language

Students analyze with less drama than before how to use the language on the Internet. What does HMU mean? Before the chat, no one had written both digital-and-so bad. There is no chat language, but deformation of the tongue. In this sense, the chat arises as a diversion, and it may bring some consequences on the student.

For many, this exercise of primitive stammering tongue, making expressions, is forcing everyone to adopt an inept expressive way. The term most used this year was HMU, an acronym for “hit me up”, which means call me or send me a text message, which was hardly used back in 2009. You already know what HMU means. According to Facebook, this expression spread rapidly in the first half of the year, reaching 80 000 entries a day in late winter.

What does HMU mean? – Statistics and more

We are arriving in mid-2012 and with this are the annual summaries of all kinds. In this case, which has made the largest social network in the world speaks of the most talked about in 2010 on Facebook. After seeing the statistics terms of Google and Twitter microblogging, we get the data where HMU Facebook is king of the words used this year.

So, it is clearly stated that it is an acronym used by English speaking members which means “hit me up”, i.e., call me or write me. It sounds somehow curious. After this term, we find terms that have been key this year. The study was based on Facebook users 236 countries comparing the data taken back in 2009 and 2010. Thus it is as saying ask me, talk to me, contact me, tell me, tell me, etc. To make up the list, Facebook analyzed data on the profile updates made in 236 countries and compared the frequency of each phrase recorded.

Language: Did you know?

It is all about adapting to the times and interpersonal communication is undergoing a revolutionary period, which, perhaps, be too revolutionary for languages. On December 3, 1992 first SMS in history was sent. Sixteen years after the communication habits of people have mutated dramatically. Currently send nearly 7,000 million a day.

What does HMU mean? It has been added to the mobile Internet, with the spread of email and social networks. Language changes that new technologies have made, they have raised the international academic world. Linguistic, semiotic and philologists have analyzed the consequences for the evolution of language, as there are dictionaries SMS, and much more!